Sponsored by Richard Deacon, in 2010 Benoît Piéron took part in the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès residency program.
Hosted at the Holdig Textile Hermès in the Lyon region, the artist imagines a nomadic installation, a bed stretched out in printed silk that he describes as "a support for dreams and a space for the fulfillment of the drama of marriage". Drawing inspiration from the Holding archives for the patterns on his sheets and hangings, he also conducted ethnological research into the ceremonial fabrics used in the nuptial practices of several civilizations.Last but not least, Le Lit and its silk ornaments were created with the help of colorists and graphic designers from two other companies in the cluster, Sport Soie and Société d'Impression sur Étoffe du Grand Lemps (SIEGL).

Since 2010, Le Lit has been exhibited in France (Palais de Tokyo, Tanneries d'Amilly, Espace Camille Lambert in Juvisy, Galerie Fernand Léger in Ivry), Japan (Tokyo) and Korea (Seoul).

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